The Web site has been pretty unstable for the last month or so, and was down for a while yesterday.

I replaced some old plugins that were causing issues, and also upgraded the Web server, so hopefully things will work better and FASTER.

We’ve had a lot going on this summer and haven’t started to work on the show yet in earnest. The new megatree topper is ready to go and I’m hoping to start working on the new strands for it soon. We just got our only shipment of pixels in last week. I’m also working on assembling some Scott Hanson DIY differential receivers. I got the circuit boards and components in for those last month, and have the assembly process worked out pretty well now. I’ve got some of his controller boards too, but don’t have all the components I need yet for them, and won’t really need them this year.

Stay tuned- more to come! 😀