As a hobby- I started working on LED pixel displays for holiday lights in 2019. You know, those houses with “Mega Trees” and huge lighting displays timed to music? You may have seen them on YouTube, or perhaps on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight”. That’s the kind of stuff we (me, Wolf, and my wife Kim) are working on. (We don’t actually aspire to be on “Light Fight”. We don’t have a sob-story and I don’t like blow-molds and inflatables all that much.)

So, here I will provide tips and opinions about pixel holiday lighting, general electronics, and whatever else I’m into at the time. I will outline our electrical, electronic, and prop builds and experiences. I’ll mix in some 3D printer stuff, since that is my only other real hobby, and in some cases- they crossover nicely.

Please be sure to read the Disclaimer!

It’s my hope that this information will help others just starting out in this hobby, and in my related diversions. Fair warning though- Pixel Addiction is a thing. It’s scary how quickly a “little display, maybe just roof outlines” can turn into 10s of thousands of pixels all over the property.

Be sure to check out my Pixel Resources and Terminology pages!

What about Oak Hills Lights?

Oak Hills Lights is our current Holiday (Christmas) Light Show. We will continue to run the show as long as we can, and have big expansion plans every year. I’m keeping it as a separate entity as most people interested in our show probably aren’t interested in all this technical stuff.

I am maintaining a separate Web site for Oak Hills Lights:

Web site hosting is donated by Lunar Den Enterprises LLC.

You can also follow Oak Hills Lights on Facebook:

Why no comments?

This came up recently, so I figured I would address it here. The problem with allowing comments on a small site like this is many commenters are either spammers or trolls. Because of this- the bulk of comments are not useful or relevant, and it is necessary to spend a lot of time moderating them. The other (bigger) problem is I would have to deal with a lot of legal 💩 to comply with privacy laws, particularly in Europe and California right now, if I have people register accounts on my site, which is the only way to reduce spam/troll posts. I definitely wouldn’t want “anonymous” comments!

If you do want to comment, offer suggestions, or provide other feedback- please use our social media links, which are at the bottom of every page.

About Ads

I use Amazon banners and affiliate links to help defer some of my hosting costs for these Web sites. I’m not currently doing any other banners or affiliate links, or otherwise “monetizing” this. I’m not deriving any significant amount of revenue from these, and in-fact make substantially less than what my costs are to host this site. If I do eventually make more money than my hosting costs (unlikely, but I can dream, right?) – I will use it towards electronic components, pixels, or props to expand on my hobby and provide additional content here on this site. These links don’t cost you any extra money, and Amazon doesn’t give me any information about what you specifically search for or order.

I encourage you to check prices at multiple vendors to find the best price and service that works for you. I don’t buy everything from Amazon either. 😊 Other vendors are listed on my Resource Page.