Welcome to Lunar Den Lights

Lunar Den Lights is a technical blog primarily covering RGB "Pixel"-based holiday light shows. It provides a backstage view of our current light show: Oak Hills Lights. You will also find some 3D printing information, as we use some 3D printed components in our light show, and that is one of my other hobbies. This..


The Web site has been pretty unstable for the last month or so, and was down for a while yesterday. I replaced some old plugins that were causing issues, and also upgraded the Web server, so hopefully things will work better and FASTER. We've had a lot going on this summer and haven't started to..

Best laid plans…

Well, I did say our layout this year is subject to change. Unfortunately prices have gone up over 70% on pixels and pretty much everything else it takes to do a show like ours. Availability of hardware like controllers and other electronics has also been limited due to ongoing chip shortages. Don't even get me..


Since this Web site isn't working very well for posting my Arduino code and PHP scripts for FPP and xLights, I'm moving all of them to GitHub. There is a new GitHub link in the main menu. I've also pinned the official FPP and xLights projects there as-well. I'm going to move everything over there..

New Sequence: Decorations

I really love how this turned out... https://www.youtube.com/embed/udn0EwN0NiM ...so, I'm going to share it. I want to thank the xLights Singing Faces project for the lyric tracks. Everything else was just me having fun with mostly whole-display effects. I'm giving this away. As-is, no-warranty, no-support. There are lots of resources for importing sequences online, and..