Oak Hills Lights 2022 Stats

This year, we had... 19,540 pixels (individual lights able to display millions of colors) consisting of: 11,860 LED pixel module "bulbs". 7680 LED pixels in 15 "P10" sign matrix panels. A projected matrix of 57,600 virtual pixels. Oak Hills Lights - Controllers 2022 We used 12 controllers (Tune-To sign controller is not shown above) and 12 differential receivers (remote controllers), running..

Arctic “Bomb Cyclone”

Most of North America has struggled late this week, just before Christmas, with record cold temperatures. Like much of the country, we saw rapid temperature drops, snow, and high winds as the storm line passed us. On Dec. 22nd, 2022 we went from 43℉ into the single digits in a matter of hours, and had..

Small Battles

First, sorry about the lack of build info this year. We've been very-very busy with life and just trying to get our show set up. I know at this point I owe everyone the completion of the Mega-Starburst. We expanded the Megatree and added a Mid/Maxitree as-well this year, otherwise not a lot of new..

Technical Difficulties

Well, my Web server decided to croak again... It's funny how you need to keep everything updated for security, and then one of the updates breaks everything. Updates often break things in xLights and FPP as-well, so it's par for the course, really for any software. My only regret is I lost my DIY Differential..

Best laid plans…

Well, I did say our layout this year is subject to change. Unfortunately prices have gone up over 70% on pixels and pretty much everything else it takes to do a show like ours. Availability of hardware like controllers and other electronics has also been limited due to ongoing chip shortages. Don't even get me..