Best laid plans…

Well, I did say our layout this year is subject to change. Unfortunately prices have gone up over 70% on pixels and pretty much everything else it takes to do a show like ours. Availability of hardware like controllers and other electronics has also been limited due to ongoing chip shortages. Don't even get me..

When it rains, it pours…

Wow, between storms, deer, bad pixels, and software glitches- it's been a "fun" week... The big storm that blew through earlier this week took out some of our sparkleballs, and we had controllers and electrical cables literally floating in a few spots. Fortunately we were able to get everything dried out and working again fairly..

Quick Update

We've been hard at work getting things set up for our show this year. Too busy to do many build updates right now, but they will be coming. As of now we've got almost everything set up except for the new virtual matrix/video projection screen, front roof outlines, and SparkleBalls. We have all the parts,..

2021 July Update

It's been a busy Summer, and we are probably getting off to a late start this year, but we have finally started getting ready for December! Well, we will actually start setting up after Halloween, so we can start our show again right after Thanksgiving. Here is what we plan to do this year, which..

New Terminology Page Added

This time of the year, a lot of enthusiastic new folks start investigating Holiday Pixel Lighting. They hit the online forums and YouTube videos, and sites like this one, and are immediately bombarded with a lot of acronyms and terms they likely don't know. I decided to put together a Terminology page in hopes it..