Oak Hills Lights Quick Stats

Testing our static display.

Our display consists of 4560 actual LED pixels (not including the projector virtual matrix). This is considered a “small” show in the pixel world.

LED pixels contain three colored LEDs- Red, Green, and Blue in a single sealed epoxy “bulb” that can create millions of colors.

Including the virtual matrix in the window next to the carport, which uses a rear-projection video system, we have 19920 pixels.

Each pixel requires three data channels, so that is 59,760 channels of data driven from four SBCs (Single Board Computers) running FPP (Falcon Player) software. Kulp pixel controller boards, custom-built microcontrollers, and additional hardware from Ubiquiti, Falcon, and Hanson Electronics actually light up the individual pixels. Each pixel is updated as often as 20 times/second! Patterns and video are built and sequenced to music using xLights software.

Links to hardware, software, and other resources can be found here.

The maximum AC power consumption of all our pixels is about 15A (1800W).
This includes a mix of 12v and 5v pixels with a total potential load of about 280 DC Amps!
Because we only run at about 15% brightness and all of the LEDs aren’t always on, our whole display actually only uses about 150W of AC power!