Author: Wolf

2023 Tentative Layout

Here it is, our (tentative) 2023 layout. There is a good chance this will change before October. We are recycling some old elements that we didn't use in 2022, and hopefully won't need to buy a lot of parts. Changes since 2022: The maxi/mid tree on the left will be a bit thinner and taller,..

WLED Deck Light Controller

For the last 5+ years we've had colorful cafe-style lights along our back deck rail. These were proprietary lights made by a company called Enbrighten. Problem is- they kept failing after 2-3 years. We replaced all of them, and they eventually failed again. They were expensive too, for what they were. To replace them again..

Oak Hills Lights 2022 Stats

This year, we had... 19,540 pixels (individual lights able to display millions of colors) consisting of: 11,860 LED pixel module "bulbs". 7680 LED pixels in 15 "P10" sign matrix panels. A projected matrix of 57,600 virtual pixels. Oak Hills Lights - Controllers 2022 We used 12 controllers (Tune-To sign controller is not shown above) and 12 differential receivers (remote controllers), running..

Arctic “Bomb Cyclone”

Most of North America has struggled late this week, just before Christmas, with record cold temperatures. Like much of the country, we saw rapid temperature drops, snow, and high winds as the storm line passed us. On Dec. 22nd, 2022 we went from 43℉ into the single digits in a matter of hours, and had..

Is 5v really dangerous?

Quick safety lecture... Pixel light shows like ours run on either 5v or 12v DC. Because this isn't "scary" mains AC voltage (110-120vac in the US), some folks don't think it is dangerous. Well, here is the thing: Electrical current is measured in Amps. An amp is an amp, regardless of the voltage. It takes..