Author: Wolf

Quick Update

We’ve been hard at work getting things set up for our show this year. Too busy to do many build updates right now, but they will be coming. As of now we’ve got almost everything set up except for the new virtual matrix/video projection screen, front roof outlines, and SparkleBalls. […]

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2021 July Update

It’s been a busy Summer, and we are probably getting off to a late start this year, but we have finally started getting ready for December! Well, we will actually start setting up after Halloween, so we can start our show again right after Thanksgiving. Here is what we plan […]

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What Happened?

Yes, I changed the name (and the look)… This site was initially started as joke, called It was supposed to represent a series of my cost-cutting (cheap!) and unsophisticated hobby builds, using satirical “BubbaTronic” branding. Since I first set it up- I’ve grown the site with a lot more […]

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