Is 5v really dangerous?

Quick safety lecture... Pixel light shows like ours run on either 5v or 12v DC. Because this isn't "scary" mains AC voltage (110-120vac in the US), some folks don't think it is dangerous. Well, here is the thing: Electrical current is measured in Amps. An amp is an amp, regardless of the voltage. It takes..

DIY Differential Receivers

Earlier this year, due to ongoing supplier and freight issues, controllers and other components like differential receivers were hard to come by. There are still supplier issues as of this writing, but things are slowly getting better. Scott Hanson (computergeek1507) released his own controllers and other components in a DIY format. You can see all..


Since this Web site isn't working very well for posting my Arduino code and PHP scripts for FPP and xLights, I'm moving all of them to GitHub. There is a new GitHub link in the main menu. I've also pinned the official FPP and xLights projects there as-well. I'm going to move everything over there..

Welcome to Lunar Den Lights

Lunar Den Lights is a technical blog primarily covering RGB "Pixel"-based holiday light shows. It provides a backstage view of our current light show: Oak Hills Lights. You will also find some 3D printing information, as we use some 3D printed components in our light show, and that is one of my other hobbies. This..

Ammo Box PSU Build w/ WoW Diff.

I love these Wizard of Wire differential receivers. They connect directly to a Mean Well PSU, and the angled design means they still fit in a standard Harbor Freight or similar plastic ammo box. There is one problem though... The pixel ports and power injection ports are fused at (and are rated for a..