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Tools aren’t necessarily “cheap”, but get the right one for the job and they will save you time, aggravation, and money long-term.

Adam Savage and Solder Seal Connectors

I’ve posted before about how awesome “Solder Seal” connectors are. One of my heroes when it comes to builds and electronics is former Mythbuster Adam Savage. Well, he just released a new video about them that I wanted to share. He does a better job of showing how to work with these things than anything else I’ve seen, including some of my own that I’ve tried to put together…

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Tool Tip: Zip Tie Tightener

Just a quick tip here. You can often find these on sale at Harbor Freight for a few bucks: They are utter garbage when it actually comes to stripping wire. BUT- they are excellent for getting the last few clicks out of a zip tie! Just slide the tie in the side and butt the nose up on the zip head, and give it a squeeze. Works on all sizes, but is really helpful for small ones that you want to get good and tight.

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Ferrule Crimper

Screw terminal blocks got you down? Sick of twisting wires and trying to make sure all those strands made it? Having problems with stranded electrical cables working their way loose? There is a solution, and it works great! Ferrules! You can buy these ferrule crimping kits on Amazon, eBay, or from Chinese suppliers like Alibaba/AliExpress. You can buy the ferrules separately once you have gone through what comes in the assortment. Using is really easy- strip your wire, select the right size ferrule, slide the wire in, and crimp. The crimper automatically adjusts. Of course- a great alternative is to …

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Quick Take – Drilling Plastic

Doing holiday lights and building power supply and controller enclosures out of off-the shelf ammo boxes and waterproof junction boxes means you have to drill a lot of holes in plastic. Don’t use regular twist bits for this- you will get uneven holes with really bad burrs. Use a step bit instead! It makes a really big difference, and you can get them fairly cheap at Harbor Freight or online. If you are using specific cable glands/fittings- find a bit with steps that match the openings you will need. Narrower ones tend to work better as they give you a …

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