What Happened?

Yes, I changed the name (and the look)…

This site was initially started as joke, called BubbaLectric.com. It was supposed to represent a series of my cost-cutting (cheap!) and unsophisticated hobby builds, using satirical “BubbaTronic” branding. Since I first set it up- I’ve grown the site with a lot more practical information about my builds and projects than I had originally planned. I’m still a big proponent of “cheap”, but I’ve also had to acknowledge as I gain more experience that cost-cutting isn’t the best plan for some of this stuff. I decided I want to continue to keep this site growing and updated as a real resource for myself and others.

My use of “Bubba” may have been offensive to some people, which was not my intent. There are also a lot of potential conflicts with other individuals and corporations using similar names for branding and business. While my use of “Bubba” was initially satirical, continuing to use it would just be inappropriate. I do want to say up front that I’m not changing the site name due to any legal requests for me to do so. I just felt a name change was appropriate right now.

If you’ve read a few of my posts or were referred here by one of my posts on social media- you know that my name is Wolf. Yes- that is my real name (that’s the first thing literally everyone asks). I’ve run several “Lunar Den” sites and have owned lunarden.com and variations of it for over two decades now. I did briefly lose it to a “domain squatter” for a few years in the late 2000s due to a registrar issue, but otherwise have owned some form of “Lunar Den” since 2000.

Because some other folks have taken the name and variations of it on Twitter and Facebook, and I don’t want to get into a trademark battle right now, I decided to go with Lunar Den Lights for this site.

So- I’m working to remove the “Bubba” branding, otherwise- everything else will stay the same. I’m going to keep posting new blogs and builds, and hopefully provide some usable information for others interested primarily in Pixel-style RGB lighting, 3D printing, and any other hobbies I start in the future.

What about Oak Hills Lights?

Oak Hills Lights is our current Holiday (Christmas) Light Show. I have it set up in Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) as @OakHillsLights. We will continue to run the show as long as we can, and have big expansion plans for 2021!

I’m not using it for a Web site because I don’t want to limit things to just that show and location. We have plans to possibly move in the next few years, with an eye on retiring in a warmer climate, and so Oak Hills Lights likely won’t go on indefinitely. We plan to continue expanding it and running it for as long as we are here though!

Why no comments?

This came up recently, so I figured I would address it here. The problem with allowing comments on a small site like this is many commenters are either spammers or trolls. Because of this- the bulk of comments are not useful or relevant, and it is necessary to spend a lot of time moderating them. The other (bigger) problem is I would have to deal with a lot of legal crap to comply with privacy laws, particularly in Europe and California right now, if I have people register accounts on my site, which is the only way to reduce spam/troll posts. I definitely wouldn’t want “anonymous” comments!

I want to be able to work on my builds and enjoy my life, and not spend a lot of time moderating posts and dealing with privacy law requirements. So- that’s why I don’t allow comments here.

That said, part of what started this whole renaming thing is I want to set up social media accounts for all of this. Look for @LunarDenLights on Facebook and Twitter soon!

UPDATE: You can just click on the links, like those below…