It’s happening…

Quick gallery post. We started putting the light strips up on the roof…

They are actually all up, but I need to perform surgery on several and I only have power/power-injection wired to 2/3s of them. Ran out of time last weekend, and the weather isn’t cooperating this week.

Unfortunately we had carefully measured all of the runs, and I pre-built the strips in the basement based on those measurements. The strips aren’t “exactly” 1″ per hole. They are slightly longer, which adds up after 200-300 pixels. All of the strips were too long. I can eliminate some of the unneeded pixels in software but for some it can’t be done “easily”, and they will look tacky during the day. I have quite a few cut-and-solder jobs ahead of me.


I really like the way the strips installed and look on the gutters. Not happy with the rooflines. They were a pain in the butt to install (per my wife, who did most of the work), and just aren’t straight or clean looking. I think we are going to go with 1/2″ PVC for the roof next year.

I posted an update as-well: Roofline Update.