New FPP (FalconPlayer) Software Released

Just in case anyone missed it- there is a new release of FPP!

The official release announcement:

FPP 4.3 Released!

Images can be download from:


  • VirtualMatrix updates to allow 1:1 pixel perfect output
  • VirtualMatrix can now display multiple matrices on one framebuffer in 1:1 mode
  • Optimized memory usage for BBB48String and BBBMatrix for lower CPU usage
  • Add volume control on remotes
  • Bridge mode timeout – if no data received, blank the data
  • BBB Matrix – Support for newer 1:2 scan P10’s
  • Disallow empty IP and Netmask if using Static IP
  • Add interface names associated with IP in title area
  • HTTP Discovery of FPP instances on local network
  • LOR Output “off by one” problems for LOR unit ID’s
  • Fix some problems deleting playlists with strange characters in the name
  • Fix problems displaying playlist durations if over 99 minutes
  • Fix problems with graceful stop of playlists if end time is hit while playing an “inserted” item
  • Fix channel range on test page to display entire range if multiple ranges are configured/required, not just the first range
  • Fix crash on shutdown if mqtt is not used
  • Fix maximum number of universes per line
  • Fix for retrieving metadata for sequences with spaces in their name
  • Fix “Hidden” flag for Wifi networks

If you have a system running 4.x, you can go to the FPP about page (about.php) and click on the “Manual Update” button. At that point, a big green “Upgrade” bar should appear on the main status page. Click on that to start the update process. It may take a long time to upgrade. Likely 5-10 minutes. You will need to reboot after the upgrade is complete to finish the upgrade process. This method will get all the updates above except those marked with __*__. Those changes will require a re-image or use of the “fppos” update method described below.

For users of FPP 3.x or older, it is strongly recommended to do a full “OS Level” upgrade or re-image instead of attempting to upgrade directly from any FPP 2.x or 3.x version. There are several new features that will not work if an OS level upgrade is not done. There are two ways to do so:

  • Re-image – you can backup your 3.x configuration, create a new image, and restore the configuration.
  • In-place upgrade – this is new and requires you to have FPP 3.6.2 (or 4.0-alpha2) or newer already running on the device. Download the appropriate “fppos” file to your computer. Make sure the file extension is still fppos (some browsers will rename it). Upload it to the “File Manager” on the FPP instance. Then go to the about page. Under the normal “Manual Upgrade”, a new Upgrade OS button should appear. Click it and wait a LONG time. When done, it should reboot into 4.1. At that point, go to the Uploads tab of the FPP File Manager and delete the fppos file. Note: In SOME cases, the reboot will fail due to library replacement. In that case, a power cycle may be required to get it back up and running.

For Raspberry Pi series including Pi B, Pi B+, Pi 3, Pi 3+, Pi 4 and Pi Zero use one of these images

For Beaglebone Black, Beaglebone Green, PocketBeagle, and Beaglebone Green Gateway use this image