2021 Mega Tree

I’m going to step through this process as we work on it, so this is a build-in-progress, which probably won’t be done until Fall.

So far, it’s just in the planning stages, and we have the first part of it:

1/4″ Laser (?) Cut Steel Tree Topper, from Jboards.

We also have Boscoyo strips and pixels for it, but haven’t started putting those together yet.

The plan is for a 75 x 24 pixel (1800 total) Mega Tree that will be 13′ tall (without the star). With the star it will be closer to 18′ tall.

Picture from: https://www.lightshowhub.com/tools/mega-tree-calculator

It will be 270° since we are on a corner lot and want to support a pretty wide viewing range.

We toyed with the idea of a permanent pole hole for it, possibly to use for a flagpole the rest of the year, but that won’t work where we want to put it, and we may decide to move it next year. We will do some kind of “portable hole” for it (a solid heavily-weighted base, and guy lines).

More to come…