2021 July Update

It’s been a busy Summer, and we are probably getting off to a late start this year, but we have finally started getting ready for December! Well, we will actually start setting up after Halloween, so we can start our show again right after Thanksgiving.

Here is what we plan to do this year, which has been updated a bit from my previous posts:

The red numbers are things yet to be built. All are at least partially done at this point. Fortunately we got most of the materials for this year’s show before the cost of building supplies skyrocketed, although the price of electrical and network cable is still hitting us hard this year.

I’m going to be posting the build of the column matrixes soon. As per usual- I’ve been exploring the cheapest and simplest way of doing them. I learned a lot building the info matrix above the carport. My goal is to make them lightweight and easy to handle and store, while still keeping the “indoor” rated P10 panels safe outdoors.

We haven’t started the arduous task of re-sequencing all of the music we used last year, and acquiring or building new music sequences to add this year. If you have any music requests- please let us know on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. We are also exploring options for doing different shows on different days or hours like “Christmas Classics”, “Modern Christmas”, and “Disney”. Like last year- we will likely adjust things in real-time to try to keep traffic and noise under control and stay on good terms with our neighbors, who have been very supportive.

Also a quick shout out and thank you to everyone who has stopped by this year to tell us how much they enjoyed our show! You really made our day on several occasions!