New Sequence: Decorations

I really love how this turned out…

…so, I’m going to share it.

I want to thank the xLights Singing Faces project for the lyric tracks. Everything else was just me having fun with mostly whole-display effects.

I’m giving this away. As-is, no-warranty, no-support. There are lots of resources for importing sequences online, and xLights pretty much handles everything automatically from the zip file now anyway. 🙂

The only unusual things in our layout are:
SparkleBalls – Those are the cup balls along the roof line.
SparkleThings – Those are the half cup-balls in front of the display.
(Both of these generally translate well to floodlights, spiral trees, or other types of spheres.)
Stake Tops – This is the top pixel of the peace/pixel stakes. I sometimes use it as sort of a matrix. In this case it’s just used to tone-down a strobe effect.
Oh, and the cane candles. These are submodels I created in my candy canes. Here are some details:

Here is the sequence download:

You can find the music on Amazon here: