Welcome to Lunar Den Lights

Lunar Den Lights is a technical blog primarily covering RGB “Pixel”-based holiday light shows. It provides a backstage view of our current light show: Oak Hills Lights. You will also find some 3D printing information, as we use some 3D printed components in our light show, and that is one of my other hobbies. This actually started out as a gag site where I tried to find the cheapest way of building electronic gadgets, but it’s grown a bit from those early roots. More about that on our aptly-named About page.

Please be sure to read the disclaimer page, it’s important. A lot of this stuff can be dangerous if you aren’t careful!

If you came here from Oak Hills Lights or elsewhere, wanting to learn about putting on a musical holiday light show- you should read through the Terminology and check out our Pixel Resources page before you dive in.

I’ve kept both my failures and successes here, in hopes that others can learn from both. 🙂

~Wolf I. Butler