Technical Difficulties

Well, my Web server decided to croak again…

It’s funny how you need to keep everything updated for security, and then one of the updates breaks everything.

Updates often break things in xLights and FPP as-well, so it’s par for the course, really for any software.

My only regret is I lost my DIY Differential Receivers article as I had to recover from an older backup. I’ll try to get it online again soon. I just need to pull everything over from the broken server.

In the meantime we have started to work on the show for this year. There have been a few more layout changes as we had to scale things back a bit more, and we will likely make more changes as we start plotting everything in the yard. We are working on building the starburst for the Megatree, and getting the “Maxitree” construction finalized. Depending on how many pixels we have left- we might be adding some other elements. Most of the changes are with the pixel trees.

I’m also hoping to work out a “live” playlist to post on the Oak Hills Lights site. My goal is to have the playlist track the live show, so someone visiting the Web site can see what is playing now and what is coming up soon. I’m working on figuring out the best way to do it without unduly stressing the show runner computer. I’m not really sure how resilient FPP is when it comes to their API, and I don’t want a bunch of API calls causing stuttering or timing issues with the lights. I’m also revising the way the Info Matrix works, as well as building a different show monitor, which won’t be using P10s like last year.

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