Free-Standing Video Screen

In past years we have used a PVC frame with a frosted shower curtain on one of our windows for rear and front projection. This worked okay, but the PVC bent easily, so the frame wasn’t quite square, and the adhesive hooks we used to hold it to the brick and soffit didn’t hold very well.

This year, we are using a projector with a much-larger 16:9 HD format, and wanted a wider and slightly larger screen. I also wanted to use EMT for the frame so it won’t sag as much. We were unable to figure out a good way of mounting the larger and heavier screen without drilling a lot of holes in our brick. So, I decided to make a free-standing (or more free-leaning) one.

I used 1/2″ EMT with EMT elbows and some metal T “repair brackets for the main screen body. I’m using 3/4″ EMT with elbows and U-bolts to create an adjustable base with legs. I’ve used this same method to create adjustable legs for camping canopies for many years. The screen frame itself is approx. 54″x96”, which is enough to cover the window and shutters.

I’m using this outdoor screen, which is a white spandex fabric that will stretch over just about anything:

I used ball bungees to hold the screen along the bottom rail, and cord to stretch it around the side and top frame. It doesn’t look great from the back, but nobody will see that anyway. 😊

Not shown- to protect the screen fabric, I used “Flex Tape” over the T brackets and elbows, just so no sharp edges would tear it.

Now obviously the EMT elbows between the legs and feet aren’t going to hold up to a LOT of wind. They worked just fine for setting the screen up, but this is really designed to lean up against the wall and wedge itself between the ground and soffit. I’m going to use sandbags on the feet, and leaning up against the legs, to keep the screen tight to the wall.

It was dark out when I finished the screen. There won’t be any light shining through from the back once it is set up and the show is running.

Here is the completed install. The screen is wedged underneath the soffit. I used some plastic self-stick clips for a bit of extra support to keep it from sliding out on top.

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