WAGO Lever Nuts

I use these things A LOT! They are great for temporary builds, as you can very easily disconnect and reconnect wires using them. They are also certified for permanent installation. Best of all- they will connect everything from 20AWG "alarm" or "network" cable up to 10AWG, mix and match, stranded and solid! They are good..

Fuse Holders

You are dealing with DC electricity operating at a fairly high current. You don't want your roof, yard, shed, outhouse, etc. to catch fire. You want to protect your wiring with fuses! Some will advocate those fancy in-line automotive fuse holders. Others are big fans of marine fuse blocks, or even more expensive- "Distribution" boards...


I mentioned before that I got a lot of information and inspiration from doityourselfchristmas.com and diychristmas.com. You will also find links there to countless other forums and discussions. You will find a LOT of debate about things like pixel counts and power, 5v vs. 12v, and the capabilities of various control systems. What follows is..