Author: Wolf

Quick Update

We got all of the remaining lights up last weekend, including our flat-tree (which I guess we can’t really call a “mega tree” since it isn’t freestanding). I spent the week chasing down problems/bugs in xLights and FPP, along with controller, cabling, and bad pixel issues. I finally got everything […]

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New FPP (FalconPlayer) Software Released

Just in case anyone missed it- there is a new release of FPP! The official release announcement: FPP 4.3 Released! Images can be download from: Enhancements VirtualMatrix updates to allow 1:1 pixel perfect output VirtualMatrix can now display multiple matrices on one framebuffer in 1:1 mode Optimized memory usage for […]

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Really-quick if you haven’t looked at WLED in a while- give it another look. I was experimenting with ESP32 NodeMCUs and had to find an alternative to the venerable ESPixelStick firmware, which simply doesn’t run on ESP32. A few online forum members suggested WLED as an alternative. I had “played” […]

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