G.E. Hattitude Quartet

Meet the biggest single prop we've bought to date: The Gilbert Engineering Hattitude Quartet! This thing is almost 4' in diameter, and consists of a wreath/spinner and close to a dozen singing face options (with or without Santa hat). We wanted a new "centerpiece" above the porch, to take the place of the star on..

New Terminology Page Added

This time of the year, a lot of enthusiastic new folks start investigating Holiday Pixel Lighting. They hit the online forums and YouTube videos, and sites like this one, and are immediately bombarded with a lot of acronyms and terms they likely don't know. I decided to put together a Terminology page in hopes it..

What Happened?

Yes, I changed the name (and the look)... This site was initially started as joke, called BubbaLectric.com. It was supposed to represent a series of my cost-cutting (cheap!) and unsophisticated hobby builds, using satirical "BubbaTronic" branding. Since I first set it up- I've grown the site with a lot more practical information about my builds..

Resources and Links

I just added a Pixel Resources page with links to the vendors and sources I've relied on this year. I decided it would be best to collect them all in one place. Also, I wanted to share links to our Oak Hills Lights project, which started all of this... Twitter: @oakhillslights Facebook: @oakhillslights YouTube: Oak..