Oak Hills Lights Quick Stats

Testing our static display. Our display consists of 4560 actual LED pixels (not including the projector virtual matrix). This is considered a "small" show in the pixel world. LED pixels contain three colored LEDs- Red, Green, and Blue in a single sealed epoxy "bulb" that can create millions of colors. Including the virtual matrix in..

Quick Update

We got all of the remaining lights up last weekend, including our flat-tree (which I guess we can't really call a "mega tree" since it isn't freestanding). I spent the week chasing down problems/bugs in xLights and FPP, along with controller, cabling, and bad pixel issues. I finally got everything working yesterday (Friday). Fortunately I..

Quick-Hack: Jumper

Can't find your baggie of circuit board jumpers and need one in a pinch? Do you have some Scotchloks and some jumper wires (that you CAN find)? Then just do this: Scotchlok Jumper Hack Scotchlok Jumper Hack Now, granted, I could have just used the jumper wire, but I didn't really want an extra foot..

Mega-Tree (-ish?)

Well, sort-of. There is some debate over what actually constitutes a "Mega-Tree" in size and construction. I've been calling it a Mega-Tree, but technically it is a "flat tree". So my wife started working on musical sequences and was skimming YouTube for inspiration. She found a display she REALLY liked, and determined that our little..